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Me and My Ribcage

by The Widest Smiling Faces

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Nostro Lay down, close your eyes and let Aviv Cohn's quiet & slightly subdued vocals transport you into his world of tender melancholy. It's lo-fi goodness at its most intimate and beautiful. Favorite track: The reddest blues.
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Oh thin old window please don't go no thin old window please, I've come so close so please don't close on me. With just this dust and just enough to hush my candle's fuse. well I'll think twice before I climb through you.
Lazy boy 02:30
love won't save me blood won't save me God won't save me love won't save me Love won't save me today I know. I'd slip with glue in my hands and fall. God won't save me love won't save me blood won't save me God won't save me God won't save me today I know. I'd slip with glue in my hands and fall
I lost my love in a cup of yogurt dipped my neck in the eggs and tongues and hair spilled my ribs and pulled my belly drained my blood and got no more to spare. And you want it from me. A little death to keep me quiet a milky eye to keep me on my knees a little death to keep me quiet a little death is all that I need. And you want it from me.
Asherah 02:17
I still have memories today of when my God came and burned a great hole straight through me. But I won't sit here and whine I know that no one would ever come and take my side. And you're just the same, but I love you anyway.
Salt blue 02:10
Salt blue dancing with the moon how I long for you when the wind blows. Salt blue old and strange and cruel take me with you as the wind blows. Just another dream.
Two lips 03:25
I saw a grin of toothy lips a mossy hell inside of it a touch of light to guide our way and pique my curiosity. And all his lies and words and spells will pull us through a sulphur smell that winds upon a twisted way and leads us to a house unfaded on the reeds. And it's all so quiet now I'm lonely old friend and you leave me to rot and why so quiet now you knew it all from the start. So don't tell me what you're righting for. And two words sting my eyes with doubt brushed under skin and out of mouth he lied to feel our beating hearts it pulled us back to where we started. In a way I had to grin we cut the hands from off of it and all his fingers red with stain will lead us to a house unfaded on the reeds.
A bit of salt in water stirred to burn my tongue and bring me words while devils hum in swolen gums I wait for God's to write my songs. A wet lamp sun hung over sad as nervous fingers work and crowd then in then on and round and round pull shadows from my open mouth.
Gabriel walks swiftly past the sailboats in his eyes so sad to see but feeling weak he sits below and sighs. They cannot hope to claim themselves and so they sleep in scorn but lost from their dishonesty they wash up on the shore. An old man with a crooked bend sits on a favorite rose he breathes the leaves of willow trees as salt falls out his nose. And when the day moves further away his cane he reaches for to bless the ground he stands upon and rest against the door. She always said she hated to be the things she'd always been and now it seems that old machines have pulled her back again. And all the cures that she has heard have left her on the floor to wait for when the hinge creeks in so she can beg for more. And please don't feel bad we're just picking our scabs sitting in the dark. I heard your words blow I watched you from my window how could you lose your heart? With one foot in the devils door all claybellies and snow I took a swirl in inky dew and found myself alone. To have come so far and faked the view as worms and algaes grow I'm in my dark head silhouette with the reddest blues.
She let him go small blue balloon higher and higher in pink perfume in sunny summer afternoon. And as I wait in fading day we sat on hallowed oaks and play and paint the ocean green. Smiling at the dying sun beneath the clouds she cried on us and when the sky was dead enough we rowed our boats to shore. She stole my faith with a stain of light through the aching countryside I'm wandering without a mind. With a sudden flood of wind angels leave the womb they break apart like dandelions thirsty for blood.
A deep green 03:25
Up on a hill he'll sit long and late watching the birds that fly in the rain. Of love he's afraid he keeps blood at bay and waits for the birds that fly in the rain. I'm not the same as you.
I wept to see and spilled away I'd hoped to grow some love that day but then to feel my fingers dead I had to grow with just my head. An ocean hums on moaning waves inside the purple cardboard veins of a sad man dripping milk down a drain. Beneath some concrete piles I meet the green of a smile and he's bubbling inside with a stomach of fire sings "deja vu I'll make you beautiful" and sells whales to girls who skin themselves every morning. I saw a ribcage filled with garbage underneath a concrete forest. Asphalt's endless signs with questions that chat with ghosts inside car engines. My lovely sin is bubbling while shell crash waves from out a gun. A little light shut clamp and after all what I should need is just some sleep.
Heaven 03:08
In a deep breath I wake from my coma and everything is as fresh as the morning air. There are birds laughing and sidewalks cracking and the atmosphere is cold. I'm not the mess I thought until I realized where I was. In my ear in my mind in the blue unflinching sky. Just a puddle of moons waiting in the dark and the stars staring down lift me out my eyes. There is sweet air blowing and leaves floating but my head is hanging down. I'm not the mess I thought until I realized where I was. In my ear in my mind in the blue unflinching sky.


A1. Me and my ribcage
A2. Lazy boy
A3. The little death
A4. Asherah
A5. Salt blue
A6. Two lips
A7. I used to have sad eyes

B1. The reddest blues
B2. When it rained
B3. A deep green
B4. Dripping milk
B5. Heaven

When I wade, and wade, and wade over ripples and under blue boats glassleaves light harps and marine bassy sounds filling the shallows through water where fish live and I can only almost see them through the salty green sand blushed up in its damned murkyness
God comes out in my flashlight, with all the little dusts and soupy clouds (I opened my mouth wide)
rub my clay in the wild grass
brains dripping downt my nose
I pulled down from something hanging off the top of the bookshelf. I pulled down till all the wood bent and the books came tumbling backwards onto me but i had my fingers itching the tippy top, itching the dusty shelves
jeans and arms and teeth. my face and my hair. I want to stretch until the fluid runs down until god crawls down my throat and my neck pulls and I drink apple juice and I sleep and i sleep in the cum and im full of milk
a cinnamon devil
pulls me into heavy green moss
through wooden depth and her windmills
and the ropes round her neck
covered in algae
promising me angels in the blue
water behind my eyes
she burns from her stomach and sings in all oil colors
this poor girl
old strange things and big books with dusty covers and moths and waves and birds and mountains deeply far off and blue bags of salt in big hands with white sweat all the warm drains down my belly all the biggest sighs there was a light like water above the sidewalk, and on the waves there was a shaking something and my stomach turned to a boat of newspapers and we sailed off


released January 10, 2012

updated on 9/21/12

Written and Composed by Aviv Cohn
Produced by Christopher Wojdak
Engineered by Christopher Wojdak and Aviv Cohn
Artwork by Daniel Spenser
Mastered at Prairie Cat Mastering


all rights reserved



The Widest Smiling Faces Charlottesville, Virginia

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